Flea Bath Time – A Wordless Wednesday Post

Kratos Having A Little Bit Of Flea Bath Time Fun!?

flea bath time

flea bath time

flea bath time

This post doesn’t really need much explanation.  We have been battling fleas and tried a new type of flea bath with Dawn Dish soap.  There will be a post coming soon with all of my tips on getting rid of fleas in our home including what did not work for us.  He really did not like standing in the tub all wet and soapy for over 10 minutes.

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3 thoughts on “Flea Bath Time – A Wordless Wednesday Post

  1. Amy

    I’ve never heard of trying dish soap! I bet it makes his coat shiny and skin smooth 🙂

    • Pash

      It does. He is very soft and shiny. 🙂 So far we only found 2 baby fleas on the puppy (not him) so I think we might have a win here with this stuff over the flea shampoo you can buy at the store.

  2. Fee

    He doesn’t look to impressed 🙂 I have heard of alot of people using washing up liquid on their dogs, gives them a nice shiny coat if nothing else 🙂
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