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As a blogger I know how important it is to put a focus on blog promotion through social media.  Today I want to share with you what I have found to be useful and what options are out there for you to use to promote your blog via social media channels.  The two main forms of social media that a majority of bloggers use on a daily basis include: Facebook and Twitter.


According to this infographic from BlogSkinny approximately 87% of professional bloggers use Facebook as a social media tool.  From everything that I have ready the bloggers that are more likely to stay away from Facebook include adult oriented bloggers and companies because Facebook has some pretty strict rules when it comes to nudity and non-family friendly content.

Facebook is a great source because so many people use it on a daily basis.  The downfall is figuring out Facebook’s algorithm for who sees your posts and page on their timeline.  With the more recent updates I have still been trying to master this and will update you when I come up with some great tips for you.


Twitter’s statistics are very similar with around 88% of professional bloggers using Twitter to promote their work.  When I first started blogging I had never used Twitter and I made an account, but never used it.  It wasn’t until over a year into blogging that I learned the power behind Twitter.

It is easy to get people seeing your posts and content because of the use of #hashtags.  I love to search for trending hashtags and find content old or new that fits with them and use them to promote my material and draw in many more readers and followers that way.

Keep watching the blog for more updates on the topic because I will be covering the use of Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and StumbleUpon.



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