Choosing a New Home: The Neighborhood Matters

When people look for a new home on, on a different site, or just in the newspaper, they often look only at what the home itself can provide. They start with the style of home that they like or a home that draws their attention. Then, they look at the specifics, checking out how… [read more]

My FairyTale Books Giveaway

My FairyTale Books are a perfect way to bring a little personalization and fun to a book for your Little!  Check out the original review by Ashley at Sweet Cheeks and Savings! THEN keep scrolling a little and find the rules and giveaway! The Giveaway: How to Enter: Please use the Giveaway Tool below! Prize: 1 Personalized… [read more]

Rise Above the Flames

Everyone has those moments in their lives where they just need to rise above the flames.  I grew up being taught to rise above others when I was wronged or bullied.  People can be cruel and mean; I always remind myself to rise above the flames. I hope that any children I have grown up with this… [read more]

Tuna Squish Review and Tuna Salad Recipe

I will admit right here and now that I love, love, love Tuna.  Honestly, I love fish in general, but I eat a lot of canned Tuna Fish.  I just love the taste and smell of it.  I hated it when I was younger, but as I grew older I realized I was missing something… [read more]